Swag from BlogHer for Charity

It seems like BlogHer was last year or perhaps I still trying to recover from the event; either way it is over and it flew by in a whirl wind! There was so much negative talk about swag and commercialism after BlogHer and you can read some of the discussion here, here and here if you’d like. I, however, did not mind the swag and take the prespective that I will either not take the items, recycle them or reuse them somehow. What I consider to be great swag someone else might not and isn’t that the way the world works? I happen to have some items that I’ve decided to donate to Big Brother and Big Sisters. My sister is active with this organization and she has a “little sister” in need of some items for the back to school year. I wanted to share this idea with those of you that have items that are of no use to you, aren’t of value anymore or that you just don’t want. If you blog and do reviews I’m sure you have items like this laying around the house and my charge to you: make good use of these items and donate them to a good cause.

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