I think October is a beautiful time of year. I love the bright colors, smell of soup cooking, and watching kids play in the leaves. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the ability to appreciate the beauty of the world due to the darkness they are living in. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and you have the ability to help turn someone’s darkness into light.

During the recession, requests for help from domestic violence shelters has skyrocketed, while funding has plummeted. Swap for Good reported that the National Network to End Domestic Violence says that in just one day alone, over 9,000 requests for help were turned down, largely due to lack of funds). This may not affect you but Nearly 1 in every 4 women is beaten or raped by a partner in their lifetime.

Green and Clean Mom loves blogging about going green but it’s a bonus when going green can help save lives. Swap for Good, a non-profit project, encourage people to host clothing swaps in order to raise money for domestic violence shelters as well as reduce your carbon footprint. There is nothing better then getting new/used clothes for a fraction of the price/garbage and helping others at the same time. The idea behind the swap is that you either host or attend a swapping party and donate some of the money you‘ve saved on shopping towards a domestic violence shelter. Swap for Good has a great site where they will walk you through hosting a party and where to send your donations. You don’t have to limit your swap to clothes, you can swap anything. Guys can participate too, have your husband gather up his old tools, baseball cards, fishing equipment and host a swap. The important part is limiting are consumption and helping those in need.

Swap for Good is hoping to have 100 swaps around the country by the end of October, so register for your swapping party today. You can now where your new clothes or use your new purchase with pride knowing you are helping save the planet and the lives of domestic violence victims.

If you are a victim of  Domestic Violence there are resources available to you. If you need help please call your local domestic violence shelter, 911 or the National Domestic Violence hotline at 1800-799-7233 or 1800-787-3244. The hotline is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

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Haley is an avid fitness guru, mother, police officer and officer of the court. Haley and her family are working to go green with the help of her sister, Green and Clean Mom.