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My recent interview with Green Talk Radio (will be published in a few weeks) reminded me of when the “light bulb” came on for me.  When I “got it” and realized that I was impacting the environment, I was using toxic products and could indeed make a difference.  I’ve written about this before, how I was watching Oprah’s Earth Day Special in April of 2007.  I’ve come along ways but my research, product reviews, reading, support from other moms and my commitment to try has been inspiring.  I’m so thankful I’ve decide to create a more earth friendly, sustainable home for my family. Does this mean I am perfect? No. It means I’m doing something and hopefully that will inspire you to do something.

One thing I’m doing is using the new Sylvania micro-mini compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). They are so tiny and cute! I have to change the light bulbs in my house, we all do…so I’ve chosen Eco-friendly bulbs that can last up to 11 years!  They take up hardly any storage space, they work for a variety of lights and they help me save money because I don’t have to change my light bulbs as often. I can’t exactly tell you if my bulbs have lasted 11 years because I’ve just started using them BUT that is the expected life span, up to 11 years.  So it really depends on how often you use your lights! They come in different wattage’s to replace the standard 60w, 75w or 100w bulb. The “one 13W micro-mini CFL will result in energy savings of more than $50 over a standard 60W incandescent lamp.” Reducing energy use, saving me money on buying light bulbs and on my electric bill…who could ask for anything else?

There has been some question about CFL’s and disposal and many of us know how many companies are making an effort as a company to go green. Instead they are just marketing a few green products to ride the wave they believe might be a trend. Luckily with Sylvania this is not the case.

SYLVANIA products are designed to pass the Federal TCLP test for hazardous waste determination.  ECO products are designated environmentally preferable by offering such characteristics as a reduction or elimination of toxic materials; ECO-friendly packaging, which uses recycled materials and soy-based inks; high-performance which matches or exceeds standard, non-ECO products; high-efficiency and a long life with sustained performance

To help some other families go green and save money and reduce energy waste Sylvania would like to give three Green and Clean Mom newsletter subscribers a chance to win a pack of these new mini Sylvania micro-mini compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). If you’ve already subscribed you are entered, if not please subscribe to the Green and Clean Mom Newsletter but first visit the official rules of G&CMThree winners will be drawn on Wednesday, September 3, 2008. The winners have been drawn and notified.

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