Scholastic, the well known global children’s publishing, education and Media Company has done it again. Scholastic has come out with a new book just in time for earth day. The book is called The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge. The books purpose is to educate while inspiring and entertaining kids between 7-10 years of age about the affects of global warming. Mrs. Frizzle takes the kids on a whirlwind tour and provides them with tips to help improve the environment. They are ready for the challenge and they hope you are too.

I received a review copy of the Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge to read and review. The book was too busy for my liking and I can see how it would pose a challenge for kids with ADHD or ADD.  There was writing all over the pages, not just in one centralized area which made it difficult for me to read. Maybe I suffer from ADHD or ADD and that was the problem. My husband who was a teacher and is now an administrator thought the vocabulary might have been too advanced for a child between the ages of 7-10.

My daughter who is 2 absolutely loves the book. “B” as we call her, asks for the “bus” book all the time. B is an avid reader and would choose a book over a toy any day. She loves all of the bright colors and busyness that the book contains. She loves when the kids slide down the sunbeams and the bus splashes into the pool. Since the book was intended for a child it’s more important that she enjoyed it then me. The book does present a good message and could be used in a school setting as well as at home to learn more about global warming.

I hope you enjoy the challenge. Happy Earth Day!

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