Not to long ago the key component to selling a product was marketing and branding, well not anymore. One of the key components now is ingredients. The public is more conscious about their health and what goes into the production of the products they are using. The saying “you are what you eat, or consume” isn’t so much a slogan but a way of life now. People are worried about the ingredients put into their food, their drinking water, and their cleaning products. I know personally the first think I changed after having my daughter was my cleaning products. I didn’t want my daughter sitting in a bath of residual bleach, breathing in the fumes of toxins, or putting her mouth on a toy covered in chemicals. A lot of big named companies made a lot of big money off their competitive and witty marketing/branding tactics but are starting to change their tune. Clorox has been under fire for their toxic ingredients for years but have just recently decided to disclose some of their product ingredients. While Clorox has made an attempt at improving they still have some room to grow. They still don’t disclose what dyes or fragrances they use but  did disclose their fragrance guidelines; we all have to start somewhere. If Clorox wants to make big money they need to make sure their consumers are around for a while. Thanks for starting to listen Clorox, keep it up – we have more to say!!!


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