Here we go again, mom bloggers raising a fuss over nothing and linking to each other, using one another for sources and making something out of nothing…again [insert eye roll]. What they heck do these mom bloggers know anyhow? On one hand a company wants to use them for PR and marketing and their qualified and valued and on the other hand they’re just hysterical and not trusted. Why would any mom get upset reading some minutes from a private five hour meeting with food packaging executives and chemical industry lobbyists (some of who included representatives from Coca-Cola and Del Monte) whose strategy is to have a pregnant mother be the spokesperson for BPA. Geesh, that sounds logical and sensible to me (can you hear me heckling through the computer yet?). Doesn’t that make sense to you? To have a pregnant woman being taken advantage of by the chemical industry so they can continue to make more money off people all the while there are hundreds of published studies by qualified university laboratories and scientists that have shown raised health concerns and cause for BPA to be banned. Who would ever think this was nuts besides paranoid parents right? Whatever, this is where I say the title of the post is appropriate.

Fact of the matter the minutes were leaked and they are disturbing. A mom blogger can be as good of a source as any but in case you’re a person that thinks this isn’t true there are so called “qualified” sources that have covered the story (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Washington Post, NAMPA Press Release). I find it funny that the NAMPA Press Release fully admits their little scheming charade by then twists it to make the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel out to be the bad guys trying to scare everyone – what a joke! If you weren’t sure how powerful the mom blogger scenario is let me give you a hint: it’s how I was turned onto this story and besides reading  Safe Mama and talking to my good friend Jennifer of The Smart Mama that leaked the story to me I also read the above mentioned sources. Too bad that the people in the meeting weren’t actually listening and paying attention to those of us mommy bloggers online raising a fuss because they might actually learn something and funny thing is they want to spend close to a half a million to figure out what we already know and are talking about. I know my friends are concernced and worried and want safer alternatives and guess what…they aren’t all mom bloggers either! Mom bloggers actually have friends that aren’t blogging so maybe what we think and write reflects not just what we think or feel but concerns we hear from others. Ponder this deep thought for a second.

All the secret meetings in the world with silly schemes and strategies won’t change the fact that consumers aren’t stupid and they want transparency, honesty and safer products for their families health and well being and like always the parents buying talk but now they talk online. This is why mom bloggers and women/parents in general can be powerful – they talk and because moms/parents talk they help other moms/parents get the low down on just how we as consumers are being taken advantage of and how the chemical industry is just trying to hush us “hysterical” mom bloggers raising concern for nothing – except they didn’t mean for the report to leak and now they’ve made matters worse for themselves because with social media nobody is going to be hushed #BPA….


…just a taste of what’s being said out there in the social media scene.

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