Milk and Dairy Nutrition – Interview with Country Star Sara Evans

Milk, my kids don’t dig it. I serve milk at meals and use milk for baking and cooking. My kids will have milk with cereal but they’re cool with the cereal dry too. Cereal is not something I serve often. My kids really prefer milk with cookies or at least as they grow older that’s the trend. So what do I do and darn it which milk is best to serve? Should I go with whole milk, skim or 2% and what if the gallon of milk says the farmer pledges to not use antibiotics, is that milk safe? Do you find yourself wondering what milk to buy or how you can help your kids love milk without just homemade cookies? And is organic milk worth the price?

Ordinarily, I go organic when it comes to meat, milk and cheese. The antibiotics and growth hormones freak me out. Which is why when I was asked to interview country star Sara Evans and Health Expert, Lana Frantzen, PhD to talk Dairy and Milk for Nutrition and Health, I figured why not. I have some questions and concerns. Let’s see what they have to say. What their tips and advice might be. It can’t hurt, right?

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You can view the interview video here and obviously, they’re on a farm and I’m at home. I was feeling under the weather but mustered together an interview video. I hope you enjoy it and yes, I’m not looking my best and I pronounced Dr. Lana Frantzen’s name incorrectly but Sara Evans added an “s” to Green and Clean Mom so we’re all good. We all make mistakes and damn, I love Sara Evans. Don’t you? Check out her YouTube channel and you’ll fall in love too! One of my favorite songs by Sara Evans, I Could Not Ask for More, it’s amazing and I love the video too.

So when she shows me how to make a smoothie for my kids with milk, yeah, I’m sold. Sara Evans serves her kids what I serve mine, yummy and healthy smoothies!

Here’s the interview and I’d love your feedback. Do you buy organic milk and what about whole, skim or 2%. Let’s chat, milk and nutrition.

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