I’m a teacher. Seriously, I have two degree’s in educations – one of which is a Master’s degree and I’m a K-8 Michigan Certified teacher. I taught preschool for 3 ½ years for a state funded preschool program for at-risk four year old children. I’ve actually worked with just about every age group, except middle school. Maybe it’s the hormones that scare me more than toilet training! I have been very vocal and passionate about early education. I believe it is like the foundation to a home, it needs to be solid.

Anyhow, as a teacher or rather someone who used to be a teacher but has the heart of one, I can tell you that teacher appreciation week is important. I remember receiving thank you cards, emails, gifts, flowers, hugs and big smiles with deep appreciation. They meant the world to me because teaching is not easy. And if you leave a comment about teachers having the summer off I will delete this comment because no, a teacher has a 9 month salary and they’re required to take classes, continue their education and who do you think pays for this? Tell me, what other profession has a 9 month salary and you have to pay to keep your job? Most teachers pay for classrooms full of supplies, snacks, equipment and they work more than one job. I do not know a rich teacher, do you?

Mrs. Howard

I digress. Appreciating our teachers is absolutely imperative. Don’t you have a fond memory of a favorite teacher? I’m sure you have one that you were not so fond of, we all do but if you think back there’s that one teacher that made the world of difference to you. Mine was Mrs. Howard my English teacher and Debate and Forensics coach. She was tough on me and sometimes not very nice but it’s because she cared about my success. She never let me give her excuses and I had to practice and practice. She always raised the bar for me but it’s because she knew I was capable, even when I did not believe this. And trust me, high school was a socially awkward time for me with turbulence at home but having her to push me and believe in me – changed me for the better and I’m so grateful.

 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

To appreciate a teacher little to no money needs to be spent. In fact, just saying thank you or having your child help you make them a card is plenty. There is even a Facebook page created for you to publicly thank a teacher and acknowledge their hard work. The National PTA Association also provides free templates and printables for cards, posters and stickers. If you’re like me and you like to go the extra mile here are 3 very simple and inexpensive ideas that any teacher will love!

Mason jar and Tea: Fill a mason jar with your favorite tea or a variety of tea’s along with a little note. Simple, elegant, inexpensive and thoughtful!

Source: pbjstories.com via Kellie on Pinterest

I am one smart cookie thanks to you. A cookie jar filled with supplies to make cookies or homemade cookies bagged with a small little note can mean the world. We did this today and my son’s teacher was very excited to have a cookie with her morning coffee!

Source: tancamjenksfam.blogspot.com via Kellie on Pinterest

Mason jar vase. Something a bit different to brighten a teacher’s desk but simple when using plastic alphabet letters, a mason jar and some flowers that your child picks. This will make a teacher smile when they see this, I promise!

Source: gigglegigglekindergarten.blogspot.com via Kellie on Pinterest

For other easy ways to say thank you and appreciate your teacher visit my Pinterest Board: I love to giveAppreciate teacher’s everyday but especially this week. Tell them thank you, they deserve it.

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