Good morning 3rd graders, give me a smile if you can hear me. This is how my day begins. I see familiar names on a screenA Work-At-Home Reality Check and the students communicate with me through chat, microphone, polling tools and emoticons. Just like any teacher, I’m concerned about each student’s progress and making sure they are learning and mastering important concepts and lessons. I make an effort to get to know my students and what they like to read, their hobbies, favorite subjects, special circumstances and how I c
an best help my student learn and have a successful school year. Today, I had a student tell me on the phone how she couldn’t believe I remembered she liked to draw flowers.

Even though a computer separates us, connections are made. Children do learn. I do teach.

It’s just different and not in a typical fashion, like so many of us might be used to. Many of us weren’t sure what a blog was 8 years ago either. Look at how the times have changed!

Teaching is why I haven’t been blogging as often as I like to or wish I could, the start of the school year is Teaching, Blogging and Staying Afloat-one mom tries to balance it all.busy! I’m planning. I’m training. I’m talking to students and parents. I’m sifting through data and trying to help students have the correct courses and small group sessions to teach them what they need to learn and all the while, I have my family and own children. Oh and remodeling. Yes, there’s been the projects and house mess. Drywall dust is evil. Needless to say, it’s just been a whirlwind of a few months.

I’m trying to find time to brush my teeth, shower, eat and use the bathroom most days.


Okay, not really.

So yes, I’m still here and I’m alive. Barely, but I’m alive. My hair is a wreck but I’m alive. I tweet, Facebook, Pin and Instagram. I still blog and love blogging and working with my clients and brands. In fact, I’m heading off to the Type-A Parent Conference this weekend to connect with those that get Teaching, Blogging and Staying Afloat-one mom tries to balance it all.blogging and brands that want to connect. I can’t wait! I’ve missed regularly blogging but teaching is important too and well, so is being a mommy and wife. I’ll find my groove. I’m still here, no worries.

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