I love a challenge and I love to reuse items, be creative and teach my children lifelong lessons. When the team at White Cloud challenged me to use paper towel or bath tissue empty tubes or the plastic wrapping to create something useable or crafty, the wheels started spinning! As an early childhood teacher I certainly have ideas for using empty bath tissue tubes but I wanted to create something unique and practical that I could use every day. With a creative contest offering a $1,000 grand prize, an opportunity to have more than one entry and vote on entries each day (see official rules and details here) using my old White Cloud GreenEarth™ bath tissue or paper towel tubes, why wouldn’t I enter and put on my thinking cap?

White Cloud GreenEarth™ Contest Entry

The bank is a creation born out of a desire to help teach my son about money. A habit of good spending, saving and giving is something I want to teach my children so they do not find themselves having money problems like so many people today are unfortunately having. It seems like many parents are realizing that like good manners, children need to be taught about money and learn about earning it, saving it and spending it wisely.

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There are dozens of products on the market, like Money Wizdom™ or Prosperity 4 Kids but I wanted to save money and use what I already had in the house to begin teaching my son all about ways to earn money and how to divide his earned money. It is always best to use what you have verses buying commercial items, that is the first step in spending wisely and saving money!

To create your very own bank all you need is:

3-4 White Cloud GreenEarth™bath tissue tubes

Hot Glue

1 Small Shoe Box



Permanent Marker

How to:

-Cut the top of the box.

-Paint the box and the tubes, let dry.

-Write save, charity and spend (some people like to teach out investing and decide to add “plan”).

-Hot glue the bottom of the tubes to the box and hot glue pennies to the front of the box and or decorate however you choose.

We added a calculator, small pad of paper, pencil and savings account booklet to the back of the box to keep track ofwishes for spending, charities or causes my son likes or cares deeply about and to do the math on what he needs for spending.  We are currently teaching our son to save put 70% into spend, 20% into save and 10% into charity. For great resources on teaching a child about money visit Money Instructor, Forbes, The Mint and 3 Jars.

What will you or the kids create with White Cloud GreenEarth™ toilet tissue or paper towel tubes? Download a coupon today and get creative because who couldn’t use the extra money for spending, saving and giving!

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Disclosure: I am a White Cloud blogger, and I am compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.

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