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Yesterday my children helped me name my 3rd grade classroom, Mrs. Poquette’s Pandas. Yes, you read that correctly, as of Monday I will officially begin teaching 3rd grade. This is all very exciting! My children have never known me as a teacher! In fact, they are somewhat confused. They’ve only known me as a blogger working with brands and flying all over the U.S.!

“Mom, so you aren’t a blogger anymore?”

“You don’t work for Shaklee?”

“Are you sure you can be a teacher? Did you go to school to be a teacher?”

I have told them, mom is still a blogger and she still works with brands but that yes, I went to school to teach and will now focus on being a teacher, mommy and wife.  They cheered because the travel will subside – which is exactly how I knew I made the right choice.

It was tough choice but I followed my heart and went with my gut, even turning down a the potential to be a marketing direction and brand manager for a national brand (Too much travel and not enough flexibility to be with my kids.). I will no longer be a social media consultant for the Shaklee Corporation after this week. A true pleasure to work for this company and I loved my job, the opportunities i provided me and the people I was able to meet and work with. I am ending on great terms and I’m still a Shaklee distributor so if you have any questions or you’re interested, reach out to me.

Although I’m sad to be leaving, as one door closes another one opens. I’ve officially accepted a new position as a 3rd grade teacher for K12 Online. I look forward to merging my experience with technology and online education (I received my k12Master’s degree online through the University of Phoenix.) with my degrees in education, my years of education experience and my teaching degree together. A new adventure begins! So many have already asked me how I will teach 3rd grade online and how K12 Online works. I understand this curiosity and wonder, which is why I invite you to follow me on my journey as a new teacher with K12 Online. If you have questions, if you’re wondering how it works subscribe to my blog and be sure to leave a comment and ask a question. I’m not an expert but I’ll share my personal experience, which hopefully will help you decide if this is a fit for you and your child or possibly for you professionally as a teacher.

Here are a few questions I’ve been asked so far and that I’m happy to answer:

Question:  Do you teach from home?

Answer:  Yes, I will teach from home using special K12 technology that helps me communicate with my students, teach them lessons, give them group work, etc.

14 year ago me teaching math {shhh, do not comment on the hair}!
14 year ago me teaching math {shhh, do not comment on the hair}!

Question:  Are the teachers actually real teachers, with degrees and certifications?

Answer:  YES! I have a Michigan teaching certification. I have a bachelor of education and a Master’s in Early Childhood.  Each teacher is certified and this certification has to be provided to K12 Online. Everything is verified.

Question:  Will your kids go to K12 Online?

Answer:  Maybe someday. Right now I am happy with their schooling. I like that I have K12 Online as an option for my children’s education.

Question:  Do you actually teach for a real school?

Answer:  Yes, I teach for a charter school and we have a school calendar, staff professional development days, MEAP tests and parent teacher conferences.

This is all new to me too and I’m excited about it and happy to journal my experience and answer questions or point you in the right direction to get your questions answered (leave me a comment). I invite you to personally check out K12 Online and to read more about the program, the teacher’s role and hear success stories form students.  If you decide to enroll or apply to teach, make sure you tell them Sommer Poquette referred you!


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