Today was my son’s first “special” day in first grade. This means he gets to bring the snack and is the line leader and has special privileges that highlight him for the day. He was pretty darn excited about this and even though mom brought in farm fresh apples and homemade trail mix, he was still cool!

I love that he had a great day, enjoys school, likes hot lunch (though we carefully pick these days), loves library days, math and rides the bus without tears. I also love that his school is an official Michigan Green School making strides to compost, recycle, clean green and save energy. The hand sanitizer all over the place could be replaced with CleanWell or another option but I have to pick my battles and love the overall concept this public school is striving to teach the children.

When I watched the video of this Pennsylvania school making strides to go green over at One Million Acts of Green, it reminded me of my son’s school but made me think more how all schools could use technology to go green.  Reducing energy by using smart boards, wireless, communication, surveillance cameras and having a fluent Cisco network is making an eco-friendly difference and SAVING district money!

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With Earth Day here before we know it, schools could sign up for One Million Acts of Green, host a district or school wide competition and announce the winner on Earth Day! Using the technology the students and schools could very easily keep track of their progress!   Oh, the potential, I just might need to suggest this to our Parent Organization!

What is your school doing to go green?

Disclosure:  I am a One Million Acts of Green ambassador sponsored by Ciscoand the project is organized by Rockfish Interactive. I am compensated for my time. My ideas, thoughts, words and opinions are my own and are not influenced by compensation. See what the other ambassadors have to say about One Million Acts of Green: Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Green Your Décor and Condo Blues.

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