I remember my mom teaching me that when you wear makeup, it should look like you didn’t put any on. It should be natural. Not loud and caked on your face. I think my mother forgot to teach this lesson to my seventeen year old sister. She seems to wear colors that do not blend and always the wrong colors for her beautiful face. Seriously, she is prettier with no makeup on. I even paid for a makeover and had a makeup artist teach her how to apply it. Two days later I caught her at the drug store buying Wet and Wild.

Her dresser is just a smorgasbord of colors, tubes, brands, and brushes. Most of it is cheap and full of preservatives and toxic cancer causing stuff. I pointed this out to her and she rolled her eyes. She is not a earth friendly teen and I am a very uncool older sister. I can even get her makeup that is good for her skin and safe but what do I know, right?

Some teens might think I’m cool…like the Teens for Safe Cosmetics! A group of dynamic, young women who realize that what they put on their face can hurt them and that they don’t need any of that gunk to be pretty. These awesome teens advocate for green alternatives, they go to bat for policies and laws that protect their health. They seek to educate, motivate and inspire other teens. Right now they’re having a contest and some lucky teen can win a $2,000 green makeover. Watch this video…it’s really impressive to see that some teens are “getting it” and trying to make a difference. I’ve forwarded the site on to my sister but I’m sure it will just be one more eye roll and delete! All I can do is try and hope that I raise my daughter to be like one of these inspiring teens!

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