With there being many different camping options it seems like the choice really is personal. It does come down to a matter of preference and what conveniences you might want or can live without. I love the fresh air, sunshine, taking walks, enjoying the water, finding bugs with the kids, exploring and basically being outdoors. I just happen to not like to be without my indoor conveniences (bed and shower). I also happen to dislike sleeping on the ground and would prefer to shower in a private location. I did community bathrooms in college and don’t care for them too much. I know there are air mattresses and huge tents with different rooms and they’re nice. It just isn’t my preference to not have a toilet, sink and fridge. It’s a preference but all be damn it doesn’t make me less green. It just makes me more prissy but I can get dirty with the rest of them just give me a private shower afterwords!

So how can you go green regardless if you tow a camper behind you, drive an RV or pitch a tent? It is possible.

1. If you’re feeling super guilty that you filled your RV tank or that you are not so carbon friendly, buy a Terra Pass. Many people who fly often do this to offset their carbon emissions. Even internet hosting companies do this and call themselves green hosting, so why can’t you green RV it? Even if you camp with a tent you might want to buy a Terra Pass for other reasons.

2. Recycle, reuse and reduce. Regardless of where you might be everyone should be going green simply by recycling items, reusing items and by reducing the amount of stuff they buy. Use reusable bags when you go camping, limit waste by not using paper cups, forks and napkins. Don’t do wash everyday but reuse the towels and hang them out to dry or let the sun bleach them clean. If you’re leaving the camp ground and can’t use something ask another camper if they would like to use it, don’t just pitch it!

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3. Use non-toxic biodegradable cleaners and personal care products. Don’t do your dishes with toxic dish soap and dump the water polluted with chemicals onto the ground. For a beginner at camping I recommend Camping for Dummies.

4. Use biodegradable earth friendly toilet paper and use it sparingly. Let me tell you, this is hard for me b/c I like soft toilet paper and I’m not so conservative when I use it. Bad me.

5. For the RV campers, while driving don’t use the generator for the televisions, computers and other electronics. It wastes energy. Instead encourage the children to read or play a game.

6.  Regardless of your camping experience you have to drive to get there so drive at a slower speed to safe on gas which saves the environment. If you drive at a consistent rate of say 60 MPH on cruise you will get more miles per gallon. Always have a map and compass so you don’t waste time wandering because you get lost!

7. If you RV or pull a camper, you’re on the road but that does not mean fast food. Eat healthy and if you can, buy local. Go to farm markets and eat fresh. That’s greening your eating for sure!  Become acquainted with berries and plants you can eat to make the most out of your experience.

8. Use veggie oil for fuel if you’re going with an RV for your camping experience! Check out this neat story about a family living in a RV and the personal touch they’ve given it and how they’re greening the experience. It’s an inspiring story.

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9.  Always leave nature as you found it.  Regardless of where you go, what you use for camping…respect nature. Don’t use trees to tie your clothes line on and hurt the bark.

10.  Take bikes with you and bike to the store or around the new city or town you are visiting. If you’re tenting, RVing or pulling along a camper you can utilize this method of transportation and enjoy some good old fashion exercise that doesn’t pollute.

11.  If you RV or use a camper you might consider solar panels. These are easy to install, there are kits available and it will help you consume less energy from the plug!

12.  Take advantage of free camp grounds and really rough it with maybe no generator or electricity if you use an camper or RV! Either way you will save some green and really get close to nature!

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For some other great camping sources be sure to visit Heidi over at Outdoor Baby Guide or EnviroZine.

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