I remember being pregnant and loving the updates from my health department on the developmental growth of my baby and what was going on inside my growing belly! I loved learning about developmental stages of growth and having simple tips and reminder about tummy time, breastfeeding advice, etc. Educating mothers, fathers and especially teen parents with health tips and what to expect during pregnancy and for the first year is very important. With my day job I know this is important because of the statistics I see, which makes me happy to support the Text4baby program.

A national program offering free text messages for moms through pregnancy and the first year based on their babies expected birth date. It is free to sign up and the messages are free to receive! WOW!

To sign up and find out more visit text4baby.org, which is an education service of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Baby Coalition.

I’m hoping this coalition includes information on safe plastics, safe personal care products and hopefully is encouraging eco-friendly non-toxic options and suggestions!!!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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