The perfect gift for the bearded man in your life - a Remington Beard Boss!
My dad and I – the man in my life with a beard!

If you’re young, hot and you have a beard, you might be called lumber-sexual.  I find this humorous because I live in a rural area, in northern Michigan where each fall and winter, it’s common for men to grow beards. It means it’s hunting season and most men don’t shave when the head to the woods for a few weeks to hunt for food. They’re actually more like lumbermen then the urban young hipsters because they’re actually chopping wood for the wood stove so they can heat the hunting cabin. Beards and stubble just happen to be common place where I live but now they’re hot and trendy everywhere. Though, the sex appeal is something that is debated among women. Some women like clean shaved men, others like some stubble and some women prefer a full on beard, groomed or un-groomed.

I read that this trend is actually linked to hard times and from 2008 we saw an uptick in beards when there was a financial crisis and back in the 1920’s when the stock market crashed. Interesting, if men are stressed and don’t have to go and office job they just stop shaving.  I think women should do this. If they’re stressed, just stop shaving their legs. Why not? Maybe it will be called lumber-sexual?

The trend to grow facial hair, it’s rather interesting. BBC News points out that beards are attractive when they’re not as common, same with clean shaven men. And in the 70’s we had the handlebar mustache trend and then in the 80’s the Magnum PI mustache trend and through the 90’s it was the clean shaven look and now we’re back to the beards being in or lumber-sexual look. A trend that is causing beard “envy” and having men want to spend thousands for facial hair transplants.  Scientists are reporting that beards relate to men wanting to show dominance over other men to attract women.

Beard Boss by Remington - The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Man in your Life with Facial Hair

Whatever you want to call the look, I say, keep the beard trimmed and clean. Which is why, if you have a beard or your significant other is sporting facial hair, consider the Beard Boss® by Remington. It lets your man stay trimmed and in control of his facial hair. He can adjust the trimming lengths to meet his personal facial hair preference and quickly trim those hard to reach places. The Beard Boss® comes with a beard trimmer, beard brush stubble comb, full length comb, scissors and XL comb. This is the holiday gift for any man who sports facial hair. I couldn’t even wait until Christmas, I had to give my dad the Beard Boss® and he loves the features and how he can use it for his beard or if he shaves it off, his mustache. He goes back and forth with being clean shaven, having a bushy beard or just a manly stache.

Check out what you get when you buy the Remington Beard Boss®:

Disclaimer:  I was sent a Remington Beard Boss® to review and share with my readers.  My opinions are my own.

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