I had to have it. Then dust collected on it. It sits in the corner of my garage or basement unused and collecting dust bunnies. I’m sure you have this problem somewhere in your home. Some room, corner or space in your home has “stuff” you thought you once needed but now it is unused. Now you need that space that is being occupied by a village of dust bunnies.


That’s my situation right now.

It’s time to make space for some exercise equipment and get in shape. It’s time to sell some stuff to make money to buy some new exercise equipment! Which is where eBay comes into play because I can clean out my garage, storage room and kids play area and list my items on eBay.  When I sell the items I can then go shopping and hopefully score a new or used treadmill!

If you haven’t used eBay to sell before here are 3 pointers:

  1.  Rules. Be familiar with eBay’s rules before you sell anything. You want to be in full compliance.
  2. Think Customer. Think about how you describe an item and how it will sound to the customer. Think about what you are listing, photographing and describing as though you were the customer that might buy that item. What can you do to be appealing but of course truthful and honest so they buy from you again!
  3. Good Description and Photo. Snap a picture with good lighting and a good angle to show the item you are selling. You only get 80 characters to describe your item so stick with nouns not adjectives.

Time to start cleaning and figuring out what I have to sell! What about you, do you have some dusty items waiting to be brushed off and sold on eBay?

Disclaimer:  I am an eBay parent panel member and this post is sponsored. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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