I’m on the go, like most moms are. My coffees in hand, purse slung over my shoulder and I’m carrying my daughter’s backpack, trying to braid her hair and with that third hand I do not have pat my son’s unruly colic down – all while trying to walk out the door. A typical day, which is why I need shoes that I can slip on because I’m not sprouting extra hands to bend over for ties and laces! An all-purpose shoe that I can tread through snow, ice, mud, dirt and who knows what else!

Lucky me Bogs was thinking of mothers like me when they designed their slide on casual shoe because it fits the bill. These are warm and I say this because I almost never wear socks but not so warm that my feet get gross and sweaty. They look good with my jeans and match just about everything. I can wear them in the garden, out to get the mail and to the store. I really wear them everywhere. Maybe not to the Mom 2.0 White Party next week but otherwise everywhere.


Soccer Practice

Snow Shoveling

Feeding Cows

Feeding Fish on the Farm

Playing in the Swamp



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