Today I’m going off the beaten path. I’m just writing about what I’m feeling and thinking and I hope that is okay. This is after all my online home, right?

So, my niece started kindergarten today. This little munchkin I just love to pieces and I knew my sister would be sad. You see, when she’s sad I’m sad. It literally breaks my freaking heart to hear her cry, see her cry or think of her crying. I feel like this about all of my sisters.

Aunt Sommer and Baby B
My niece the day she was born and I’m so proud to be her aunt of my sister.

I’d fight a bear for her you see. For all of my sisters and their kids and loved ones.

I'd fight a bear for you. #love #sisters

I was reminded of the day this fierce little brown haired, brown eyed little girl started kindergarten herself. I was that older sister, older beyond her years that had to grow up fast and was always taking care of everyone else – including her little sister.

Side note: I think that’s why I have some issues today but hell, it is what it is.

My sister and niece, her twin and they both have my heart!
My sister and my niece, her twin and they pieces of my heart.

Anyhow, my sister and both had teachers with the same name (they were twins): Miss Gerber. One was nice and one was mean but for the life of me I don’t know which was which because they looked exactly the same.  I actually used to wonder if they would wake up and switch roles and teach each others classrooms!

The first day of kindergarten for my little sister (whose daughter is a spitting image) wasn’t so smooth. In fact, I was called out of my third grade classroom to come help her calm down. See, I told you I was the older sister who took care of everything! I tried to console my little sister and it broke my heart to see her sob, her eyes swollen, her bottom lip quiver and her eyes beg me to stay with her or to take her home or with me. To this very day, I remember the scene and it kills me but it also killed my shirt! The little turkey ripped my shirt as I tried to pull away from her. After all, I had to get back to my desk because I wasn’t sure if my Miss Gerber was the nice one or mean one!

Spitting images of myself and my sister years ago.
Spitting images of myself and my sister years ago.

Today as my niece starts kindergarten I am sure she has a nice teacher and I’m sure that she won’t need anyone to come console her, she’ll be just fine. I’m just reminded of a tearful little sister on her first day and wishing that as she walked away from her little kindergartener I could have been there for her to give her a hug and tell her it is all okay, kids grow up and we need to let them.

I think I subconsciously avoided being there today for fear she’d rip my shirt again…years later!

sister love and protection
Even as a toddler and her as a baby I was telling people to back off, she is my little sister!


  1. Awww she’s going to do great. You’re very lucky to be so close to your sister. On the first day of school here someone was picking on me and I started to cry. My little brother ( a year younger) was with me, shoved the poor boy into and ripped his shirt. We BOTH got in trouble for that, because he pushed the WRONG boy! I think most teachers are so much nicer today. I think they all take their midol or prozac.

    I LOVE that you’re close to your family.

  2. Thank you Joie! We were close as kids and then drifted in high school and college but regardless we would have ALWAYS had each others back. Today we are very close and I love all my sisters dearly. I am so glad your brother stood up for you! That is very important!


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