Combine the great outdoors, simple technology, quality time with your kids plus fun and you get Ranger Rick’s Magazine contest. Ranger Rick is a children’s magazine produced by the National Wildlife Federation. The Magazine explores the wonders of the great outdoors in such away that children can understand and enjoy.

Today, NWF is announcing its first ever Ranger Rick “Your Best Shots” Photography contest for kids under 13 years old. The contest is free to enter, and the winner could have their photo featured on the Ranger Rick web site and in the magazine. Judges will select a winner every month and children do not need to subscribe to Ranger Rick to enter the contest. Children can enter with parent’s or guardian’s permission at

This contest is ongoing with no entry deadline so you can enter your photos at any time. Every month winners will be selected by the judges and posted in the Recent Contest Winners slideshow on the contest home page. Online winner will be in the running for Ranger Rick’s “Your Best Shots” Magazine Award.

Here are some tips to help kids take award-winning photos:

Nature photography generally requires stillness so be patient and quiet to get a great shot

Think small: backyard wildlife make wonderful subjects

Get close, but not too close if you are photographing a wildlife critter

Be sure to respect and appreciate your photo subject and the nature around you when taking photographs.

You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take a great photo

More info on Ranger Rick and the magazine can be found at

This is a great way to teach your children how to capture the beauty of mother nature while giving them the opportunity and satisfaction of having their photograph published in a well known, educational magazine. So get your cameras out and enjoy the great outdoors together.


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