When I go the grocery store I don’t buy magazines anymore and I love magazines. I don’t buy them because they have maybe one article or product that is “green”. They have some tips and might be marketing some green product but the theme and feel of the magazine is far from being up my alley! Now, most of my reading is online because I can read content I’m specifically interested in.  The laptop makes reading in bed convenient but it’s not the same as holding a magazine and flipping through the articles.  There’s something about that sense of touch.  Plus, magazines are perfect for car rides, air plane trips and quick reads while the kids are in the bath playing or occupied and all I have time for is one article!

I can now tell you, I have touched and seen with my own two eyes something that will positively change my magazine reading habit. It’s the magazine that I’ve been waiting for and thank goodness someone caught on to the fact that moms out there want more than just one blurb about an organic burpie or green cleaning product.  We want it all and we want to know where to buy it. Yes, the blogs tell us (smile, that’s me) but it’s different in a magazine…it’s just different. The holding, flipping back and forth, ear marking a favorite product, tearing the page out to take to the store with you for a reference, the recipes and the constant reference right there when you want it.  I let several people read and see my “special” copy and they all asked where I got it and why they hadn’t seen it before. They loved the soft pages, colorful photos, relevant articles, eco-savvy products, green tips and great websites for the online reading type (again, this is me)!!! The green style section was a favorite and all of the solutions were doable and simple.  A thumbs up from those that helped me review this green find!

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What’s the name of this magazine and where can I get it???  Let me shout it out as loud as a Green & Clean Mom can shout it out…Positively Green! Good. Simple. Solutions.  Wow! What more can I say? Oh, lots. The magazine is printed on paper with recycled content and uses soy ink, talk about putting your money where your mouth is! The entire magazine is chalked full of content that deals with issues Green & Clean Moms care about (fashion, health, eco-destinations, green gear, gardening, kids, money, myths, holidays, tips, advice and more)!  The articles aren’t about who isn’t doing what and how bad they are but instead the tone is…POSITIVE! They help you go green and have it all. A beautiful and somewhat familiar concept that I can relate to, anyone see a correlation here? 

Positively Green launches in August 2008 and will be available quarterly by subscription or at your local Whole Foods and other fine going green retailers.  Right now you can subscribe for a special introductory rate which is half off the cover price AND part of your subscription goes to an eco-charity. A win-win. The environment benefits, you save some green and get to learn about ways to go green, besides coming to my site (which you should never stop doing).  Get started today and don’t miss out on the savings!

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