Sunrise Bliss Organic Cotton T-Shirt Towel Review

If you’ve never tried using a cotton t-shirt hair towel, you can’t truly understand what a difference it makes when styling your hair. In fact, you might be wondering why anyone would choose to use anything other than a regular ol’ bath towel.  You might not have even heard of a t-shirt hair towel. (Shaking your head yes or shrugging your shoulders? Keep reading, I’m about to change your life.)

What is a T-Shirt Hair Towel?

A towel made out of cotton, like a t-shirt. Except it is made just for your hair, so it’s the perfect size. In fact, I am sharing with you today the organic cotton t-shirt hair towel from Lakeshore Dry Goods and they offer two sizes from their line of Sunrise Bliss t-shirt towels, the “M” for all hair lengths to tie up (my favorite) and “S” for short and medium length hair.

Why is a T-shirt Hair Towel a Miracle?

Sunrise Bliss Organic Cotton T-Shirt Hair Towel for the Best Hair Ever

I can’t speak for all t-shirt hair towels but the line of Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towels have made a huge difference in my morning routine. I have always had short hair but in the last year my hair has grown past my shoulders and when I get out of the shower and use a traditional towel, my hair is so tangled. I use conditioner in the shower and a leave in conditioner hair spray. This takes care of my tangles but leaves my hair flat and almost greasy looking.

After using my new Sunrise Bliss t-shirt hair towel, I can skip the leave-in-conditioner hair spray. Which means my hair looks much fuller after I blow it out. It also takes less time to dry my hair because the organic cotton t-shirt hair towel is so absorbent. I use it after my shower and while I drink my coffee, check my email and do my make-up. After all that time my hair is only damp. This means less drying time and less heat and damage to my hair.

What Makes the Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Towel So Different?

Lakeshore Dry Goods Sunrise Bliss Organic Cotton T-Shirt Towels for Less Frizz and Tangles plus it is Eco-Friendly

The organic cotton t-shirt towels are eco-friendly. They are made of GOTS organic cotton and they utilize low impact dyes for all of their adorable designs and patterns. Sunrise Bliss isn’t just a regular ol’ t-shirt that you might borrow from your husband or boyfriend to wrap your hair up in. Oh no. They use an interlock knit cotton to prevent curled edges and stretching. (Think very expensive high end t-shirt not something you can get from a big box store!)

How Can You Get a Sunrise Bliss T-Shirt Hair Towel? {GIVEAWAY}

Organic Cotton T-Shirt Hair Towel Review and Giveaway

Good news, I loved the towel Pam (the owner and friend) sent me SO much; I went and bought THREE more and I’m giving one of them to a lucky G&CM reader and fan. Truth be told, my daughter actually stole mine and took it to cheerleading camp. She loves the Sunrise Bliss for her long hair and swears it makes her hair less frizzy because she towel dries it every day.

Okay so here is how you can get a Sunrise Bliss organic cotton t-shirt hair towel, besides finding a local retailer (after Pam gave me one to try, I bought three more locally at J.W. Shorter & Son Mercantile!) or buying online from Lakeshore Dry Goods.

Enter the G&CM giveaway and share with your friends. One lucky winner will win One Black & White Polka Dotted Sunrise Bliss Organic Cotton T-shirt Hair Towel made by Lakeshore Dry Goods. The more you share and do the more chances you have for winning. The giveaway officially ends at 8/28/18 at 9pm EST. The winner will be announced on this blog post, Facebook and the weekly email digest. All entry emails are subscribed to the G&CM weekly digest and monthly email but may unsubscribe at anytime.

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