Mode All In One Recycling Center

When The Mode™, all in one recycling unit arrived I was excited. Recycling usually piles up on the kitchen counter or sink where I need to wash and rinse cans. My husband likes to pile the junk mail and newspapers next to the television in the kitchen as a reminder for me to take them out. Once all the recycling is gathered in the kitchen area it makes its way out the garage where we divide everything into three piles 1) glass, plastics and aluminum cans 2) newspapers 3) cardboard. Our next step in the recycling journey is to make to my husbands truck and to the recycling units behind our local sporting goods store. It’s a process and sometimes I get tired of the piles but I know we are recycling for a good reason so it’s worth it. The idea of everything neatly in one unit (okay not my cardboard boxes) looking sleek and sexy in my kitchen – that made me raise an eyebrow.

I’ve been using The Mode™ Premium All-In-One Home Recycling Center for two weeks now and I’m telling you it’s very nice to have something so sleek and compact making recycling fun for the family. According to the website:

The Mode™ Premium All-In-One Recycling Center, featuring our patent-pending compaction system, allows you to hold up to 3 times more than a typical bin. The versatile compaction system crushes aluminum cans and 8 oz to 2 liter plastic bottles and jugs in one easy step that doesn’t require a plug.

The Mode All In One Recycling CenterWe’ve tested this out and I have to agree it holds more than the typical bin and does a very nice job crushing and reducing the size of plastics. Some tougher plastics require a second step on the pedal for an extra crush but the children love to do this! Over the course of the last two weeks we have been able to measure our recycling efforts with the Mode Eco Track™ System and have approximately 17 pounds in our unit. I love how the unit will continue to measure how much we have recycled over time as well as how much is in the unit at one time. Our little recycling tracking system to remind us we are doing a good job. The children find this very fun and worthwhile.

The bins are now full but with very little effort the bins are removable and can be stacked onto one another and put The Mode All In One Recycling Centerinto the truck or in some cases the curb for pick up and the Mode Eco Track™ system even offers a nifty reminder that it’s recycling pick up day. Watch this quick demonstration of The Mode™ All-In-One Recycling Center to see just how easy the unit is to use and all the nifty features.

Mode RCC500 Deluxe 17-Gallon-Capacity Home Recycling Center is a perfect solution for any home, apartment or business. The appearance and size makes it a perfect fit for the kitchen or office and there is no smell that I have experienced. The system has a charcoal filter to prevent odor and this can easily be replace as needed. Just in time for Mother’s Day and Earth Day a great gift that makes recycling convenient and easy.


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