Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Promote Self-Care for Mom

Mother’s day is right around the corner. As a mom myself, I feel like the day should be about self-care. Doing what makes mom feel good so that she can be feel rejuvenated. One day to wind down and relax because the next morning, it’s go time again.

Here are some ideas and some are gifts but others are just acts of kindness to let mom know that she’s appreciated and should kick back and relax because she deserves it.

  1. Pour her a cup of tea in a new mug that has some witty saying on it like “Best Effing Mom” and some new tea to try. Personally, I love the Now Real Tea, PomeGreenate flavor. Yummy!
  2. Let her sleep in or take a nap. Do not wake her or peek in on her. Just let her rest. Better yet, leave the house so she can snooze in peace and quiet. Maybe even get her a new hammock so she can take a nap outside!
  3. Cook her dinner or get her favorite take out. After all, she is always cooking so treat her with a meal you’ve made for her or a take-out she’d love. I would choose Thai!
  4. Let her take a walk without hurrying. Let her get her sweat on. When she comes home from her walk or whatever exercise she loves to do, have some essential oils in the diffuser and her favorite music playing. I’d choose any of the uplifting blends from Now Solutions®. My personal favorite is cheer up buttercup!
  5. No money for a spa day, that is ok. Get her a new facial mask, a new nail polish color and her favorite bottle of wine. Then instruct her to not come out of the shower or bathtub until she feels like a new woman. No interrupting her either! The Now Solutions® European Clay powder is a great mask that mom will love, I promise. You can also try any of these DIY homemade recipes as gifts for mom.

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, let mom have some self-care time. Eat the foods she loves, exercise, listen to the music she adores, and drink her favorite drinks and rest, rest, rest.

Disclaimer: I am a Now Foods Ambassador. I am paid for my time. All opinions are my own.. This post may container affiliate links. 

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