I previously reviewed The Safe Sippy and wasn’t in favor of this cup. I liked the company and the sleek design of the cup but it leaked like a faucet. I spoke with the PR firm representing the cup because of course they were concerned with my review. They were confused as well because The Safe Sippy had actually redesigned their cup and gone with a new manufacture to make it, just right. Was my cup defective? They sent me two new ones to try and I was skeptical.

I filled both of them up and shook the snot out of them. Barely any leaking. There was a little because I shook so hard but it was minimal. Then I gave it to my daughter and my floor stayed clean. I guess my cup was defective? I can happily recommend The Safe Sippy after testing three different ones and only one of them (the defective one) was leaky. A relief because I really like the company and their mission, plus the cup is light and easy to clean. I mentioned all of this previously and that’s why I was so bummed the cup leaked but my new ones don’t.  I did discover that there is a plastic ring inside the top and if this ring comes out the cup might leak. I found this happened with my one cup when I put it through the dishwasher.  Which is no big deal because the company is now sending extras along with the cup. More things to keep track of?

This was my thought too! Then I realized, if I find a cup I really like what’s the point of having a cupboard full of sippy cups. How many do I really need? It’s worth investing in a cup that you will be happy with and that is safe for your children. The Safe Sippy is very slim and I love this because it fits in the car cup holder and fits great in the diaper bag.  The cup is stainless steel, BPA free and so you have no worries! Nothing harmful is coming in contact with your child’s liquid. A company founded by a passionate dad who just wants to help children have safe, non-toxic sippy cups. How sweet is that? The cups a little more pricey then some other cups I’ve reviewed but if you choose The Safe Sippy buy two or three to last you through the toddler years. Then it’s the same cup, the same parts and it’s simple. Besides, its supporting a small company with big hopes and dreams.

For any questions on the products, where they are made, concerns, etc., visit the companies FAQ page.

Baby Sippy Cups – Safe Sippy Cup (Blue) – $ 16.95

From: The Land of Nod

Baby Sippy Cups - Safe Sippy Cup (Blue)

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