With so many online tools, social networking sites and places to hang online – how’s a mom supposed to know which one to join and basically what is worth their time? I’ve had this same problem with all of the choices and truth be told, you never really know what social networking site will be right or wrong for you until you give it a try. I participate in a few on a regular basis but what I’ve had trouble with is the integration of my Green and Clean Mom community and website, Twitter and Facebook. These are the three I use regularly and want cross posting and integration of logging into one site and deciding where my updates will go. Luckily, I’ve discovered The Savvy Source and I’m looking foward to giving this parenting website a whirl for the next few months (along with some other great bloggers) to give our feedback, perfect the site, learn from the tools and best of all help to see if this is something you like and how you as a parent will use the social networking site.

What Makes Savvy Source Different?

-The focus is parenting and early childhood.
-If you’re looking for a preschool…they have you covered.
-Child Development Quize’s and guides.
-Recommended activities, books, toys and gear.
-Guides to your favorite cities based on what parents have to say.

To sum it up, The Savvy Source is like playdough – mold it however you want! Join me and help me mold the Green Moms Group and raisee $1,000 for young children in need.  See Below:

In the Spirit of Giving 

Green and Clean Mom is so fortunate to have a large network of online and offline friends and I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. Recently I have been invited to participate in the launch of Savvy Source Groups and as an incentive I’ve been offered $1 for every person that joins my group, Green Moms. This person must join my Green Moms group before joining someone elses group. Please note that you will be asked to login and create a Savvy Source account and you can do this via Facebook or through your email and it is FREE and simple (promise).
I can only earn up to $1,000 and it is my goal in the next 60 days to have 1,000 new friends, earn $1,000 dollars and donate this money to my local Great Start Collaborative to use towards helping young children, ages 0-5 and their families. This could be used towards helping with their initiative on lead poisoning and awareness; breast feeding education and information; car seat safety and education; childcare scholarships; educational programs for young children; or any number of early childhood related needs determined by the collaborative.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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