A #weightloss journey

I’ve been on a weight loss journey probably most of my life. Up and then down. Yo-yo diet after yo-yo diet and thankfully I found Shaklee 180™ and was able to shed my weight for good (inches too) but my journey isn’t over.  I’m on a life long journey to live healthIER and to be better for ME. Part of this journey includes shifting my mind set because the little voices in your head that tell you that you’re not good enough, you’ll just fail or you’ll always just be a size XL…they really need to be quiet and it is up to YOU to tell them to hush or to duct tape their mouths shut!

Like I said, this is a journey and some days I do better than others.  It was interesting for me to hear about the new book and media tour, Shift with Tory. I haven’t read the book yet but I was lucky enough to be sent a shift kit, complete with healthier alternatives and samples ($100 value) to begin sampling products Tory recommends.  What I like about the concept is that most people really aren’t sure where to begin, the sample box gives you a chance to try new products and see how they taste, feel, etc.

The Shift with Tory #weightloss

I can relate very much to the concept that to lose weight and make a change in your life, you need to shift how your mind thinks. What you tell yourself you can do and how you love yourself. So often we aren’t kind to ourselves and that’s part of the battle. We just say, oh, I’m meant to be big boned but that isn’t true. We lie to ourselves.

Here are a few of the products I’ve tried and love thus far from my shift kit:

Angie’s Popcorn:  I love how the popcorn is less than 100 calories, the ingredients are natural and it doesn’t taste like rubber! A great snack!

Emi-Jay:  The hair band that looks like a bracelet, perfect for those workout days when I’m throwing my hair into a pony tail!

Hail Merry:  DELICIOUS gluten free macaroons made with coconut oil! SO GOOD!

Somersault Snacks: I’ve loved these for some time now because I love sunflower seeds and they’re less than 150 calories per serving. I like to travel with these next to my Shaklee 180™ meal bar!

May Designs:  I love an adorable notebook and these are eco-friendly canvas notebooks, perfect for logging what I’ve eaten throughout the day and inspirational quotes!

Rume:  A reusable and washable tote that hold up to 50 pounds! I used this grocery shopping and it holds its own!

Have you read the book yet? What are your thoughts?


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