Back to school already? On Wednesday my son starts first grade and for some reason I’m more nervous then I was for kindergarten! I’m wondering if I’m ready for the school year to start besides just emotionally ready! There’s the back to school supplies, packing healthy lunches and him wanting to buy lunch, school clothing (he’s grown like a weed) and of course he needs a quality back pack to carry it all to and from school because he’ll be riding the bus this year!

The perfect backpack is a GreenSmart ™ back pack because it is made from plastic water bottles! 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, which makes this a durable bag but also as green as they come! I’ve been trying out the black Indri and took it with me to New York City to see if it could handle my wear and tear, how accessible the pockets are, if I like the feel of it, how it wears and functions. I loved it and so did my envious sister who kept giving me everything to carry in the Indri GreenSmart™ back pack!

Besides the back pack being good looking and green, it is highly functional. It has three different compartments, one of them being a laptop sleeve and it was perfect, cushioned and protected! It certainly isn’t one of those bags where things get lost and you’re opening up a million pockets! The side pocket is perfect for my glass Lifefactory water bottle and the shoulder straps were very comfortable. Really a perfect bag for a middle school, high school or college student and one that is such high quality I’m certain you’ll use this for years to come!

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While my son won’t be carrying the Indri, named after the largest living lemurs native to Madagascar, an equally functional and again “green” bag made from 100% post consumer recycled bottles would be the Kea, a smaller version that will fit his shoulders and body perfectly.  So regardless of your size there’s a GreenSmart™ bag ready and waiting for you to kick off the school year in style but also while keeping then environment in mind!

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