Yesterday I read a tweet from an excited mom whose child’s teacher sent her a text. I raised my eyebrow. Is this good or bad? Communication of any form between a teacher and parent is usually considered a positive thing but is texting too personal? What is private anymore when everyone is on Twitter and Facebook (including animals)?

I discussed this topic with personal friends on Facebook and the responses were all over the place but at the end of the night it came down to this:

Parents want to communicate with teachers.

A friend and excellent writer, Kate Basset pointed out an interesting case study using SMS messaging for a Harlem Charter School and some key points I gleamed from the study include:

-An increase in parent engagement because of the SMS messaging the school implemented – a whopping 90% increase!

-SMS messaging is affordable and the communication tactic is creative.

-It can work for an entire school.

When it comes to teachers using SMS messaging surprisingly I have learned this is more common then I suspected but teachers are using their personal phone numbers. One solution for privacy is for a teacher to use a Google Voice number and text from a Google Account and this is free and easy to use right from a teacher’s desktop or laptop. Yes, there are other free SMS options but I’m most familiar with Google Voice.

Do you text your child’s teacher? Would you like this form of communication between teachers and parents?

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