Take a family reading challenge - the lessons learned are worth it! #Read20

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I want to tell you the truth about the Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge. It was tough. I set off on the adventure or rather challenge with a positive mindset and a huge stack of books (Thank you Scholastic). I needed the challenge. My family needed the switch from electronics to reading books and letting our imaginations soar.

The truth of the matter is this: 

  • We did not actually keep timing ourselves after a few days and we did not sign the sheet every day. GASP!
  • Some nights after school, we had activities, homework, bath time and then straight to bedtime.

Look, I just want to be real with you. I am human. I am a working mom. Life gets busy.

We all still learned a TON from the challenge and that has lasted more than 20 days and left a lasting impact on my daughter and myself especially. Which I believe is even more important than just doing a challenge for 20 days and having it end there.

What we learned from Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge:

Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge results

  • Some days you can fit in 20 minutes for free reading. Some days you cannot and while that is sad and
    disappointing, there is always tomorrow.
  • Some days you can fit in reading for hours! Sometimes we got lost in a book and were up past our bedtime reading aloud, wondering what the next chapter would bring. When those days happen, it’s a good day.
  • My daughter likes to read aloud. She enjoys the quality time of us reading a book together. She likes to have be by her side, sharing in the characters adventures.
  • My daughter likes comic book styled books. They engage her with the illustrations and she still loves illustrations.
  • We love sharing our books. I’ve always loved to share a book that I’ve read with a friend. I’ll tell them about the book and loan it to them. My daughter has now learned how great this feels. She’s read a book and shared it with her friends. In fact, the book Roller Girl, is making it’s way around her 3rd grade classroom. The girls are now talking about the book and enjoying the comradery of liking the same book and talking about the subject and characters.
  • You cannot judge a book by it’s cover. An old saying but true. Picking up a book and giving it a try can take you into new worlds, meeting new characters you might just fall in love with.
  • Making time for reading is important. Each night when we would fall short of 20 minutes because evening school activities, we’d feel bad. We would long for that reading time. We would want to open that book but know that 20 minutes would turn to 40 and sleep is very important for growing and developing children. This taught us that carrying a book with us is always a good idea. Putting one in our backpack for bus rides home or having one in the car’s seat pocket for rides to school and after school – they are good opportunities to crack open a book.
  • We’re not limited to 20 days. The best part of this pledge is that when it is over it’s not over. You can keep reading and you’re never limited to 20 minutes.

So yes, we didn’t complete the Scholastic 20 for 20 reading challenge, exactly the way it was intended but we still were successful, we still had wins. The wins, the lessons learned, the books we read and the time together as a family…that’s what it was all about. Thank you Scholastic!

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