Green & Clean Mom has been full of giveaways and contests. I had a blissful package of Shea Terra Organics to giveaway, thanks to the lovely CEO! This contest had 265 entries and using the winner was Meredith, number 45! Yahoo! I learned from this contest there are a lot of moms out there that desire a spa treatment and some R&R! Sorry I couldn’t have more winners! Everyone sure did pour their heart out to me and have some compelling reasons to win!

Next is the book, Backyard Betty and the winner of this contest was Maggie. All of the story submissions made me laugh but the thought of camping with my husbands ex and having to strip down to my underwear because I thought a snake was crawling up my leg that makes me laugh the hardest. Great stories, thanks to all of you that participated! Maggie, I hope this book helps you camp like a real Betty!

And for the pre-launch giveaway, that was more confusing and everyone wanted the hippo. Geez, I wish I had more hippos and Shea Terra to give out, based on the popularity. I agree the hippo is cute! I randomly drew two numbers for the comments, two for the email subscribers who joined and one for those that joined the social forum. I will notify you via email if you were a winner. Thanks to everyone, for all the support and participation. I hope you’ve subscribed to my feed or email newsletter! Please leave me any comments or suggestions on the new site. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions.

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