Sorry for the blogging, hiatus (no beach or margarita) my baby girl has been sick, she had another asthma attack…I’ll post more on this later…but I’ve was participating in a mom-to-mom sale and all moms know how much work it is to go through the toys and clothing to decide on what doesn’t fit and what they don’t play with it. A great relief to get rid of the strollers we don’t need, the bouncer collecting dust and the tubs of baby boy clothing! I made some extra money, cleaned my house and was able to donate a ton of stuff that did not sell. Most importantly, I was able to talk to moms all weekend and hear about what was on their minds, what they were looking for and what they were concerned about. You might wonder why I would be doing this at a mom-to-mom sale but I always have my non-toxic cleaners, non-toxic bug stuff and information about my blog with me. This sparks a lot of conversation, which I love!

The hot topic, BPA frees products and what all this BPA fuss is about. A lot of moms were confused, in the dark, alarmed at what others were saying and wanted to know where and how they could get safe bottles. Unfortunately, it isn’t just baby bottles we need to be concerned about! I was eating lunch and a good friend was commenting on how much she loved this simply pure orange juice but how now she is all worried because it is in a number 7 plastic bottle. How simply pure is that? Many moms were selling old bottles and sippy cups but none of them sold. CNN recently reported,” … more than 6 million pounds produced in the United States each year, bisphenol A is found in dental sealants, baby bottles, the liners of food cans, CDs and DVDs, eyeglasses and hundreds of household goods.” Canada is acting on the risk of harm to infants, children and the environment but the here in the States, neither Congress or the U.S. has made a move to ban this toxic chemical. There is an actual report that links BPA, even low levels, to causing hormonal disruptions in newborns and linking it to cancer. Why isn’t everything with BPA pulled off the shelf moms were wondering? Well, come on….why are there still toxic chemicals being sold for us to clean our counters with and being advertised as safe? If the FDA makes a ruling against this chemical then the chemical industry could basically get in big trouble with some heft law suits. It’s the same as toxic cleaning products and what’s allowed on the shelf and it not being good for us or pesticides that are allowed to be sprayed on our kids, it’s messed up! In my Green and Clean Mom opinion, don’t panic and just start trying to find BPA free products, safer plastics and voice your opinion any way you can. If companies know you won’t buy there stuff, even if it’s cheap, they’ll change. Moms are powerful. In the meantime, you can read my review about the BPA free sippy’s I tried (giveaway over sorry) and Classy Mommy is giving away some BPA free bottles. The Soft Landing ,has great sampler packs of BPA free products and a wealth of information on the topic. Another great source is Z Recommends, with an extensive report and series on the topic.

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