BPA Free Think Baby Stainless Steel feeding set

Green and Clean Mom is always looking for BPA free products. Yesterday a good friend asked me on the sly as she nudged me,

“Come on tell me, going green really is more expensive. You just get to try the products but me, I can’t afford them.”

This is a serious question I get asked frequently. If you’re going to go out and replace everything in your home to be “green” or non-toxic sure it will be costly. If you have to replace something anyhow because you should – normal wear and tear – then it makes sense to choose quality safe products for your family. Many non-toxic green products happen to be cost effective because they won’t need to be replaced and leak harmful chemicals. My plastic kid’s dishes have scratches, for example, and with heat they are probably leaking BPA so I feel it is necessary to choose safe BPA and chemical free products to replace them. I didn’t freak and get rid of them immediately but now it is time and my choice, stainless steel or BPA free products. Same with any product I choose to buy and replace in my home. I can’t go get a new roof just to have solar panels and solar heated water but when it is time, I’m going to choose a more earth friendly energy efficient roof.

Recently, Alicia from The Soft Landing – the best online source for all your non-toxic safe baby product needs – sent me the Think Baby Stainless Steel feeding kit. I was envious when I saw the review from Safe Mama. What a perfect set for my little girl. Stainless steel, BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free and dishwasher safe for the top rack – a dream come true. I knew that the product was good after seeing that The Soft Landing was carrying it but then I saw that it was recommended from Healthy Child Healthy World – need I say more? After seeing my daughter use the products, me giving them the ringer through the dishwasher and  loving how easy the lids work and stay on the products – I can give the Think Baby Stainless Steel feeding set two green thumbs up! Wow! Seriously, I recommend getting this set for your children and not worrying about chemicals leaking into their food. You cannot use them in the microwave but that is no big deal.

If it’s time to replace your children’s dishware, you need dishware or you’re looking for the perfect non-toxic gift for someone giving the Think Baby Stainless Steel feeding set is a sure way to go.. Shop The Soft Landing and visit Alicia’s new blog Seriously Spoiled where she brings more of a personal side to her family run business.

Watch my online video review of The Think Baby Stainless Steel feeding set and watch my daughter as she plays with her food at lunch time!

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