Think Green

I love reading to my kids. I especially love reading to them about going green! It’s a natural fit and it’s something I really enjoy but NOT all books are geared towards early elementary or preschool. I just had this conversation with my son’s preschool teacher today. I was curious what their Earth Day plans were and she was saying how there weren’t enough books geared toward preschoolers. Preschool teachers do have options and I’m excited to share some of these book selections to celebrate Earth Day in April.

One book that I have really enjoyed reading to my children is the book Think Green by Jeanine Behr Getz. The book is bright, colorful and conceptually easy for my children to understand. The book has a personal feel with a character call Millicent introducing all of her friends and how they can act and think green. My son really loved this!

The examples in the book are something I feel my children can relate to and the illustrations allow them to look through the book on their own and remember what we talked about. I catch my son reading this book to himself resisting the different ways to go green. From planting trees, shutting the television off, using reusable bags to not standing with the refrigerator door open for long periods of time – Think Green is a great preschool, early childhood education and any age book for ways to be eco friendly. As a green mom and teacher I love this book and can’t wait to share it with my son’s classroom!

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