Assorted fruit smoothies

I have a smoothie just about every day and sometimes twice a day.  If you’re busy you understand how it can be hard to prepare three full scale meals that are complete with all the nutrition you need, especially your daily allotment of vegetables!

Drinking a smoothie each day allows me to have a well-balanced meal that fits into my busy life style.

Here are some good examples of how easily you can smoothies and juices into your daily routine without much effort:

Breakfast – Do you eat a healthy breakfast every day? Not everyone does. However, you can whip up a smoothie in the morning pour it into a travel cup and drink it on the go.smoothies for your daily life

One smoothie with a little protein (I choose Shaklee 180™!) can keep you satisfied and full until lunchtime. And you can be confident you’re getting the nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

For example, a smoothie made with your milk of choice, a handful of greens, a banana or an apple, and a little protein powder or chia and you have a perfect meal in a glass. Best of all, it took less than five minutes to prepare.

Snacks – One of the biggest hurdles many people have when they’re trying to lose weight is the mid-day snack. A prepared smoothie can solve all of your problems.

You can even prepare your smoothie the night before and pop it in the freezer. It’ll thaw throughout the morning and be cold and tasty when you’re ready for your mid-morning or mid afternoon snack.  In fact, you can even eat it frozen for a delicious icy treat!

For example, a smoothie made from coconut milk, a very ripe banana, protein powder, a tablespoon or two of cacao powder and a bit of nut butter makes a sweet and satisfying mid-day snack. You won’t miss the vending machine or the drive-through at all.

Pre/Post Workout – One of the downsides to working out is that you’re often hungry, very hungry, when you’re done. The result can be a binge at the drive-through or when you get home. Having a protein smoothie or a juice ready to go will help you avoid consuming more calories than you want or need.

Adding smoothies and juicing to your diet is simple. Consider starting with just one or two each day to give your body time to adjust to the increased fiber intake.


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