My children are growing like weeds – which means I have to spend a fortune on new clothes and shoes. Until now because I’ve figured out how to make money to actually buy them gently used clothing. Its genius really and I am so bummed I did not do this sooner! Instead I would bag and box up the items, give them to a friend or take them to the local resale shop where I only get a 50% commission, if I’m lucky! My goal is to spend less on clothing, make money and overall buy a used verse new – which is not something I am completely used to!

My Frugal Solution

  1. eBay. I take the items that are gently used and outgrown, group them together for a photo and list them as a LOT of items. I have found that grouped items can sell for more and often go faster. I decide what will be grouped bas
    Boxes ready to be shipped and waiting to be sold or swapped!

    ed on size; gender; season and what will fit in the large or medium USPS flat rate box.  I start the auction to be at least a minimum of $1.50-$2.00 per item and the BUY IT NOW price is my wishful thinking price.

Along the same lines, I try to only shop for the children’s clothing when things are sold in groups to get a better value. I look for trusted eBay sellers with good ratings, I ask questions and I have to see photos! I just purchased 3 dresses for my daughter to wear on an upcoming cruise for only $30 and that is a bargain compared to paying full price.

  1. thredUP. If my items do not sell on eBay I take them to thredUP where the moms there are focused on finding boxed items for their children in particular sizes and seasons.  thredUP isn’t a resale site but rather a swapping site, which is why first I try eBay and then I head to thredUp!

With thredUP most of the boxes cost $9.00 for approximately 10 items to buy and shipping is $10.95.  So for $20 you receive approximately 10 or more items, less than $2 per item! What a bargain! When you sell a box that is reviewed at rated as 3 or 4 stars you receive up to $10 cash back based on your seller status and track record, reviews and ratings. The trick is, it is a swap so you have to buy boxes and list boxes to send out. I have bought 2 boxes and cannot buy another until a box of mine is swapped with another mom who chooses my items.

Tips:  The more items you can fit in your box and list the better! Include photo links and be very descriptive but simple and to the point. Oh and become an affiliate or refer new members to earn extra credit towards future purchases/swaps! If you join please use my referral link:

My Weekend Listings

On eBay I bundled my son’s size 6 items that he no longer fits into. Checkout the hot deal here:

I listed a total of 4 boxes on thredUP and one was chosen roughly 5 minutes after listing it! My children have nice clothing and I’ve stocked the boxes! Here are my 3 current listed boxes that are sizes 5T girls winter/fall, 18month-24 months girls and 5T girl’s summer items.[sender_id]=405713

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