I wrote about sleeping and being busy and mentioned how important time management is but I never really touched on how I manage my time. Today I’m going to share with you a little secret called, Qlubb.  There’s calendars, planners and post it notes but those consume paper and waste resources. Why use them when you can use Qlubb and green your time management?

Here is what Qlubb does for me:  it lets me manage my time, work schedule, home schedule, personal life (okay that is small), have group calendars, send out invitations to groups and email myself reminders (I need this). Best part, it’s free.  With my new part-time position that I wrote about I have to organize meeting and events with moms to hear what they want for children 0-5 in my area. With Qlubb I can invite them to join for free and be part of the group and see the group calendar and events, invite them to meetings and receive their RSVP’s! It’s secure and it’s private.

No more post it notes or writing stuff on pieces of scap paper and then losing the paper or having the dog eat it (that has happend to me)! I get email reminders of what I have to do everyday. I get up in the morning and have coffee before the kids wake up and check my email. I know what I have going on that day and don’t have to try to keep it all in my head, I keep it in Qlubb! Give it a whirl and start saving paper and trees!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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