The other day I looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. It was like the light bulb finally turned on and I saw the double chin, wrinkles, dry skin and extra pounds. If you look in the mirror but don’t turn on the light or admit what you see it is very easy to ignore the truth. It is easy to blame the dryer for shrinking the jeans! When my new Champion Eco Fleece sweatshirt arrived it was as though I knew it was my gentle nudge to hit the Anytime Fitness I bought a membership to. Being on board with Shaklee now I’m inspired to live a healthier life style and start Cinching so my new sweatshirt will look a little less snug on me!

The Champion Eco Fleece sweatshirt is soft all over and that is a plus for me because I cannot stand scratchy sweatshirts and sweaters. Besides being cute it is made with up to 5% recycled polyster fibers. That isn’t very much in terms of recycled fabrics but at least Champion is making an effort. Pretty soon maybe they’ll come out with an organic line? One can always wish! Check out their Facebook page and let them know how you play green because in my household it is all about game day!

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Speaking of game, I need to get my game on and hit the gym! How about you? Are you doing anything to increase your activity or lose weight?

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