Why You Should Sail Disney

Going on a Disney Cruise? You should. It’s all kinds of amazing and I could talk forever and ever and ever about why you should go. I told you I’d go again and yup, my family and I will be setting sail again and I cannot wait. Between the last time and this time, I’ve learned a few things about traveling with kids and cruising Disney. Tips I tell everyone but now I want to tell you, my readers. I’m not paid to tell you this or offered a discount (I wish!) or have any perks for sharing my experience.

First, why sail Disney.

I can honestly, not compare Disney to any other cruise line but Holland America. We went on a honeymoon to Alaska and sailed Holland America. It was beyond amazing and there were no kids that I recall. It was geared toward older adults. In fact, my husband and I were the youngest people and made friends at the time with a 40 something couple, they were the second youngest.  It was wonderful and I’ll have to write about that cruise another time but when it comes to family cruising, I only know Disney. I’d be happy to try the Norwegian Cruise Line® or cruise with Carnival® and tell you my thoughts but so far, its’ been the Disney Cruise line for family vacations. I won’t lie; we are seriously considering the others because I want to compare them anyhow. So stay tuned.

I digress, why sail Disney? The cost seems high but you have to think of why it is high and what it includes. I had a friend take a cruise recently and they had all these “extra” expenses and so her original cost wasn’t what she paid at the very end of her trip. It’s like flying cheap airlines and then you pay for this and that and at the end, did you really save?

Think about it.

The lower cost is meant to lure you in.

Fish. Bait. Hook.

With the Disney Cruise line, it’s all included except your alcoholic drinks, off shore adventures, the nursery, gratuity and what you buy for shopping, spa services and arcade. The comedy shows, movies, fireworks and Broadway shows don’t cost money. The extras are bingo, shopping, spa services, adult beverage, off shore adventures and tipping at the very end.  Childcare is included if your child is not in the nursery and you can prepay your gratuity so there is no worrying at the very end about tipping everyone.

The Disney Cruise line has been the only vacation I’ve had in almost 11 years of being a mother that I’ve had the perfect combination of family, marriage and “me” time. Yes, I get “me” time and it is wonderful. The adult section of the boat is so serene and I know my kids are happy, my husband is napping or doing whatever and I’m chilling.

Everyone. Is. Happy.

Isn’t that a vacation?

When we’ve traveled other times as a family and we’ve traveled, it is a trip. Work is involved. There is no mom napping. No mommy having a cocktail or getting a spa treatment. Nope. It is fun but I’m SOOOOO tired when I get home.

Not with the Disney Cruise line, I am relaxed. I enjoy. The kids enjoy. My husband and I enjoy each other and we all go home happy.

Tips for Sailing Disney and Why You Should Sail Disney

Tips for Sailing Disney

  • Buy bottled water before boarding the ship. They’ll try to sell you a case of bottled water but the cost Tips for sailing Disney and why you should consider this vacation.is very high. Buy ahead of time. If you like a certain adult beverage, buy a bottle of this before boarding also. It’s allowed.
  • Take your own laundry soap because you’ll need to do at least one load of laundry. There isn’t a lot of circulation in the rooms so you can’t really hang dry anything, which is why the dryers come in handy.
  • Pack a hanging toiletry bag. The bathroom is small and to save space use a hanging toiletry bag that you can hang from the towel bar or back of the door.
  • Pack a beach bag. This will make it easy to throw sunscreen, iPod for music, a book and go to the pool with the kids.
  • Utilize the Disney transportation to and from the airport. It is so easy and they make your trip a breeze. Carry some one dollar bills to tip the driver!
  • Bring a unique little gift for your servers. Even if you’ve prepaid your tip it’s nice to leave this something small. In my case, I’ll be leaving little Petoskey Stones with a thank you.
  • Pack everything you’ll need that will cost you an arm and a leg on board. Tylenol, sunscreen, etc. is available but costly.
  • Going at Christmas? Pack small gifts that they’ll use on their travels such as a camera, flip flops, a new suit, a new book, etc.

What tips and tricks do you have for sailing Disney and making life easy?

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