Tips for Shopping Healthy and Organic on a Budget

I often heart that it’s expensive to afford healthy food. I agree with that, to some extent and I can understand how some might feel this way. If I only shop at my local health food store, my grocery bill would double. If I don’t take into account sales and utilize coupons and meal planning, I’d spend more money each month. It’s not always easier to feed my family healthier but it is possible and it can be affordable. Whether you buy organic or not, feeding your family homemade food versus pre-packaged is doable.

Here are some tips for making this possible and trust me, it’s not hard.

  • Sign-up for coupons and deals for your favorite brands and you’ll be emailed or mailed coupons. For example, if you sign-up for coupons through Stonyfield Farms they’ll periodically send email coupons.
  • Visit your favorite brands website once a week. It might seem cumbersome but come on, it’s really not hard. Bookmark their site, check-in and grab any new coupons they offer. I often do this with Annie’s Homegrown and end up finding a $1.00 off coupon on a favorite snack food. Who doesn’t like saving a $1.00.
  • Hit up the Mambo Sprouts coupon gallery on a regular basis. You’ll really save some cents and thank me later!
  • Shop a variety of stores and don’t rule out big box stores like Walmart. I hop around to different stores each week and find some of my favorite brands on sale at one store but not another. When I see a sale, I stock up! In addition, if you’re shocked that you can actually find healthy and yes, organic food at Walmart…think again. Watch my recent trip to my local Walmart to score some Stonyfield yogurt for the kids (and me). Keep an open mind and you’ll save money. Bigger boxed stores often have lower prices and that’s just a fact.

  • Buy in bulk and stockpile. I’m not a hoarder but when our favorite products are on sale, I don’t just buy one I might buy 10. It seems like a lot of money at the time but in the end, I save money by not paying full price on items that I can freeze or store safely. For yogurt, I have good luck storing it for a month unopened and only use it for smoothies or baking – just a little tip. (Some people freeze it for 4 months but I think it tastes funny.)

I hope that these tips help you feed your family healthy. For 10 pages of tips and tricks, be sure to click here and I’ll deliver some goodies to your inbox that will make healthier eating even easier!

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