Is this safe? Can I put my kids drink in this bottle? What does BPA stand for? There’s so much confusion and talk about BPA that I’m going to clear up a few issues and give you some tips for ways to avoid BPA and play it safe. As a mom I understand your concern.

First thing first, What is BPA? Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, is a chemical that can leach from the plastic lining of canned foods and polycarbonate plastics that are cleaned with harsh detergents. Almost all exposure is through diet, and infants fed with liquid formula are among the most exposed. Safe limits of this compound are under debate but the Environmental Protection Agency states that exposure of up to 50 mcg/kg/day (50 ppb/day) is considered safe. Studies have shown that we only reach about 1% of that allowance a day.

According to Dr. Maida Galvez, a pediatrician studying BPA, recommends parents stay away from bottles containing the chemical and says “We know the animal studies raise concerns, but there aren’t human studies showing effects yet…so, when we don’t have the evidence, what we recommend is that parents try to err on the side of caution.”

Therefore…TIPS ON HOW TO AVOID BPA according to the Organic Consumers Association:

-Metal canned beverages appear to contain less BPA residues, while metal canned pasta and soups contain the highest levels.

-Canned foods in glass containers are not a BPA risk.

-Plastics with the recycling labels #1, #2, and #4 on the bottom are safer choices and do not contain BPA.
One-third of liquid baby formulas have higher levels of BPA. Powdered formula packaging is generally considered safer.

-Avoid heating foods in plastic containers and do not wash plastic containers in a dishwasher.

-When possible, opt for glass, porcelain and stainless steel containers, particularly for hot food or liquids.

-Do not let plastic wrap touch your food in the microwave, or better yet, avoid microwave ovens altogether.

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Contributing Author and Consultant for Green & Clean Mom, Melissa Bathish

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  1. In my research I’ve found that Eden organic canned goods don’t contain BPA – but I think the quote was “WE don’t line our cans w/ BPA”…which might mean that the producer of the cans DOES line them w/ BPA before they get to Eden…all that word confusion that companies can get away with :)…So who knows!…We try to always buy our beans in bulk but when time is a real issue we’ll buy Eden…Love the blog!


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