I’m not a writer. I’m not a poet. I love words and what they covey but I write like I talk and I do not talk like a poet or an affluent writer that puts each comma or hyphen in the correct place. I envy writers like Megan and Arianne. Their writing flows, makes me see images and feel emotions. They evoke stuff that is deep down in me and when I read their words it comes up out of know where and I am moved.

That is a talent.

I’m not talented like this and I used to think I accepted this when instead I compared myself.  I think many women compare themselves to others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and my blog is not a blog that is written like others because it is my blog and conveys my personality the way I would say something to you if we sat across the table together. Though I admit my weakness and hope to improve my writing. I look up to writers like Megan and Arianne and inspire to learn from them. It is different to admire and inspire verses compare yourself.

My muddy point is this; I’m beginning to stop trying to be what others want me to be or what I think I should be because of what others are doing or how others look and what others have. I’m realizing who I am and my strengths and crediting those I admire with pride and joy but with no attempt to be them, write like they do, look like them, have what they have or do what they do. Simply admire and learn from their good graces – hoping to absorb some of their talent and beauty. To dig deeper into my strengths, needs and wants and yes look inward and then outward. If there is something I want to improve on I’ll work on this weakness and learn from others but I’m striving to stop measuring myself against others – like so many women do.

It is easy to want to be skinny like someone. Wear what someone is wearing, have your teeth look like the super model, drive what that person drives or yes even write like another person or do what another person does. Except, we are all unique and comparing and contrasting does not build up my self-esteem or worth but makes me feel less, emptier. I think we as individuals can admire others without comparing ourselves and this is what I’m working on doing because I’m certainly guilty of feeling inferior because of my own comparisons.

How about you? Do you compare yourself to others and feel second-rate because of your own comparisons not others?

Image: kongsky / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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