If I’m a Green & Clean Mom then my husband must be a Green & Clean Dad, right? Well, not really. He’s the best dad ever though. He’s the dad that is dirty, just like the kids. He’s got to be reminded to wash his hands, not eat dessert before dinner and to brush his teeth. He’s a kid at heart who always laughs, rolls around on the floor giggling and playing. He builds forts, slides down the hills covered in snow whopping and hollaring and makes the perfect monster covered up with the blanket. He’s better at explaining technical things to the children then I am and can make sense of just about anything to my son. He love Dairy Queen and believes because it’s “Ice Milk” that it’s dairy and a food group (seriously)! He’s having an affair with “Little Debbie” but still says I’m the sweetest one! Video games, puzzles, dinosaur factoids and fishing are his specialities. Anything needing to be fixed can be done when dad’s around. This big kid may not be into the “organic” stuff, non-toxic cleaners, and homeopathic remedies but he continually teaches us about ways to respect, love and enjoy nature and before I was ever into recycling he was preaching to me! He knows why I do what I do and wants the best for our children. He’s not my daddy but I’m sure the heck glad he’s the best daddy ever to my children.

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