Aveda’s 2011 Light the Way™ soy wax candle, featuring a stress-relieving aroma with certified organic French lavender, is sold exclusively during Earth Month (TODAY IS THE LAST DAY). One hundred percent of the purchase price ($12) of this candle supports Global Greengrants Funds water-related projects. That’s a total of $1.34 million if all candles are sold!!

In light of the recent events, part of the proceeds from candle purchases will be used to support long term recovery and recovery in Japan through local Greengrants grantees.

Now in its 12th year, Aveda created Earth Month in April 1999 to raise awareness and funds for critically important environmental issues around the world, and has since raised more than $18 million for organizations that directly affect environmental change, and $12 million for water-related causes alone over the past four years.

In developing nations, more than 4,000 children die each day from preventable conditions like diarrhea, due to unsafe drinking water. A person in a country such as the US will, on average, use more than 40 gallons of water to take just one, leisurely bath. Yet someone living in a developing nation may have access to less than eight gallons of water each day for all of their daily needs. In developing countries 70 percent of industrial waste and 80 percent of all waste is dumped untreated into waters where they pollute the usable water supply.

The stark differences between access and rights to safe drinking water globally are startling enough to inspire much needed change – a movement that can empower communities, protect local watersheds and help make clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere. Aveda Earth Month 2011 will help to achieve this change.

Help me help the children in that do not have clean safe drinking water by purchasing an Aveda Light The Way™ candle (100% naturally derived soy wax candle). Just enter GREENANDCLEAN at checkout and 100% of the proceeds go towards bring safe and clean water to those in need. Since 2007 the proceeds from the candle has helped 25,000 families, trained 3,500 people in sustainable organic agriculture methods and impact over 100 communities!

Get your Light The Way™ candle today and don’t forget to enter GREENANDCLEAN at checkout! Together we can make a difference!

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