Today’s Tuesday Shout Out goes to Weelicious! Have you heard of this great website that gives you recipes for your children ages 6 months and up but the recipes are wholesome and mostly organic!?! Yes, healthy ideas for snacks, planning meals, the staples you need in your home, tips for the farmers markets and so much more. I think I spent two hours on Weelicious writing down ideas, watching videos and gaining a ton of knowledge on how much children can eat healthier.

Ideas that make me think that all of this time my head was stuck in the wrong cupboard or something. Why didn’t I think of making Pomegranate Strawberry Jello because it would be all natural, no sugars and yummy! Oh and what about breakfast Chex mix for those on the go mornings? Seriously, genius and I can print the recipes, email them and even create my own little Weelicious recipe box. I’ve signed up for updates and for sure I’m following this Weelicious mom on Twitter!

What do you have to lose?

10 years of my best, healthy eating tips in one document, just because I love you. Just sign up and BAM, you can instantly download all 11 pages. It is good stuff, I promise.

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