Silly StrawberryMy silly tooth brushing trick I use at home: I tell the kids that we need to brush away the sugar bugs and they open their mouths, I look inside and with big eyes I say I see one and I brush it away! They giggle and tooth brushing becomes fun not a chore!

#sillystraw tweets, tips and examples were given to help children brush their teeth and 25 winners were randomly chosen to win a full size sample of the Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry toothpaste to help their children brush their teeth; healthy. All winners will have one week to complete a claim form for Tom’s of Maine to have their prize sent to them. Only myself, the owner of the site and Tom’s of Maine will view or have access to this information.


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Jessica  who says:

My 19 month old loves to brush his teeth and since he got a new elmo toothbrush he asks to brush his teeth multiple times a day! I love Laura’s idea of singing. We may start doing that too!

Jennifer M  who says:

I make up songs about Ruth the Tooth, and Keith the Teeth, set to the tune of “Little White Dove.”

Renee C who says: 

I ask my 2 yr old daughter what kinds of sounds different animals make, and as she makes the sounds, I brush her teeth. She opens her mouth different ways depending on what sounds she is making, so after a few animals I’ve been able to reach all her teeth.

Meaghan F.  who says:

Well, I don’t have children, but I look after my nieces. I always tell them that if they want their smile to sparkle, they have to brush for two whole minutes. And sometimes, I do a count down. They seem to think that’s funny

adanma  who says: 

There is a song from The Goodnight Show that we sing. It goes:

Brush brush brush brush
Every tooth no need to rush
Brush them every night until they’re bright
And the you spit
And that’s it!
garrettsambo  who says:

I don’t have a silly story. I buy children’s toothpaste in their favorite flavor and brush with them. Sometimes we have a competition to see who can finish brushing every tooth first

Stephanie V.

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