My daughter is 2 years old so I love when I am able to find an educational website or TV program for her. She loves playing the games on the PBS website and watching Little People, so when I got information about Toot & Puddle,” a preschool series airing on Nick Jr., that encourages exploration and adventure it perked my interest. The program is based on the best-selling book series by author Holly Hobbie, “Toot & Puddle” is the heart-warming story of two best friends from Pocket Hollow, who find adventure wherever they go.

National Geographic Kids Entertainment and “Toot & Puddle” are teaming with Amtrak for the “Read & Ride” Travel Sweepstakes. While online with Toot and Puddle’s, kids can enjoy videos and interactive games and activities as they learn more about Toot and Puddle’s world and the values of friendship. Parents also can receive 20 percent off books based on the television series when they use the promotion code AMTRAK at check-out through May 16, 2010.  Debbie Varnado, director of branding and promotion for Amtrak stated that “Amtrak strongly believes in the power of reading, and we hope to create a new generation of passengers by introducing rail travel to young people”.

Toot and Puddle have a knack for finding adventure, whether it’s riding on the back of an elephant in India or capturing butterflies in their own backyard. By teaming with Amtrak, we’re hoping to encourage parents and their kids to get out and explore their world and find out what adventure means to them,” said Darren Metzger, director, marketing, for NG Kids Entertainment.

My daughter and I planted a virtual garden and explored the world. We found out what other kids like to do for fun, what they eat, the instruments they play and more. Toot and Puddles offer printable pictures for kids to color and videos to watch as well.

Not only did my daughter and I like Toot and Puddles but the National Geographic’s Kids site has lots of other educational and fun games, videos, and printable activities for kids. Enjoy some quality, educational time together and check out these sites.

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