Having a baby this year or know someone that is? There’s a lot of preparation and planning for a new addition. It’s amazing how little details like what sippy cup to use, what cleaning product to purchase, how to kid proof the house and how to stay healthy now becomes your new personal dialect. Any and all help is usually appreciated. The preparation usually begins soon after conception. Now that you know your pregnant you have to decide if you want to find out the sex and what you are going to name the little bambino. The BabyCenter is a great place to start.

Most expecting parents have heard of or use the BabyCenter, the #1 pregnancy and parenting site that reaches over 8 millions moms monthly in the U.S. I know when I was expecting my husband and I used the site religiously. We got updates on the stages of our pregnancy and the development of the baby. We now use the site to help guide us through the toddler years. It’s reassuring to know that other parents are coping with and learning from the same things you are. It’s an informative site. Not only does the BabyCenter keep you posted on your pregnancy and the development of your child but they provide helpful tips, advice, forums, and more. The BabyCenter is well know for their updated baby name finder too.

The BabyCenter has just released their list of Top 100 Baby Names of 2010 to help you with that special and everlasting decision. The BabyCenter supplies you with the top 100 baby names, the hottest baby name trends, most popular, celebrity names, and the meaning behind the name you choose.

The BabyCenter surveyed more than 2,000 moms in November 2010 to better understand trends in baby naming. Overall, according to the survey, the attributes of kindness and compassion, leadership, and good looks are becoming more important when choosing a name for both boys and girls. While strength is the top quality moms seek in boy names (68%), kindness and compassion is the top quality (64%) moms look for in girls’ names. Choosing a child’s name is considered one of the most important tasks for a parent-to-be, and one that is not taken lightly. Most parents (62%) believe that a child’s name contributes to his or her success in life.

Check out the well known, highly recommended site and see what information you can gain and share.

How did you decide on your babies name? Was it a family name?

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