Top Green and Healthy Blog Posts of 2015

Tomorrow my daughter turns NINE. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging since she was an infant. She’s one of the reasons I started blogging. I had a new born baby and a toddler. I cared about what I was spraying to clean with and how if it gave me a headache, it was surely impacting their little bodies and minds. I started to educate myself about healthy foods, cleaners and products for myself, my children, my family and my home. I simply took what I was learning and started sharing my thoughts, opinions, reviews, findings, recipes and journey with you.

I was a mom holding an infant and typing with one hand. Trying to reach others. Trying to not feel so lonely.

I had no plan.

I just typed, shared and connected.

Each year, I learned more and more. I turned my little blog into a business. I made many mistakes. I got lucky a time or two. I wanted to quit but I didn’t. I kept typing, sharing and connecting.

Nine years. That’s a long time. I’m still here. I’m still a mom and I’m still making some mistakes and learning. Through it all, I’m so grateful. I’m grateful you’ve found me. That you’re reading this today. And I hope, I really hope, you like what you see and read.

This year, I’ve had some content that has been very well received online. I hope you’ll agree. For 2015, here’s my top 25 blog posts and trust me, I’ll be adding more to this list for 2016. I’m still mothering this blog and making my little business churn. There’s no giving up. Enjoy and please, share your comments, feedbacks and thoughts with me.

  1. How to Make an All Natural Egg White Facial Mask
  2. How to Make a Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
  3. How to Use Social Media for Your Direct Sales Business
  4. Eco-Friendly Bubble Time Fun
  5. 20 Healthy Muffin Recipes
  6. DIY Sleepy Time Spray for Kids
  7. Reuse those Crayola Markers
  8. Five Easy Camping Meals
  9. DIY Christmas Potpourri Recipe for Easy Holiday Gifts
  10. Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning
  11. Natural Urine Odor Remover: Corn Starch and Vinegar
  12. Top 5 Websites for Healthy and Organic Recipes for Kids
  13. Canning and Freezing Potatoes
  14. ALDI is Not Your Average Grocery Store
  15. Anxiety over Clutter and Disorganization
  16. How to Get Rid of Dog Odor Naturally
  17. Homemade Fruit Roll-ups
  18. 10 Ways to Make Earth Day Everyday
  19. DIY Natural Dish Washer Detergent
  20. How to use Toothpaste to Hang Pictures Easily
  21. Natural Fertility and Detoxification Tips
  22. 20 Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipes
  23. Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes
  24. Make Your Own Air Freshener
  25. DIY Epsom Salt Facial Scrub

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