I am blessed. In 2007, I started this blog and if you would have told me that 10 years later I would have made a business out of it, taken amazing trips, attended conferences, worked with brands of all sizes, written for small and large companies – I probably would not have believed you. Ten years ago seems like a long time ago.

Here I am now, still thriving but also trying to navigate uncharted waters. Blogging and social media is continual changing. Instagram and Pinterest did not exist when I first started. Comments on your blog were your lifeline and now its followers on your social media accounts and engagement away from your blog that counts too. It is not “just” blogging but also your entire social media footprint. Live videos, tutorials and imagery all count.

It is a journey that I am so thankful I have embarked on. I have had difficulties. The uncharted waters and social media sea, it is not always kind. I have stayed the course and I have you to thank. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for subscribing and supporting me. You have read my personal stories. You have emailed me, messaged me and cared. You have left comments, entered giveaways and trusted my product recommendations and recipe creations.

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You, my friend, are why I am still here through rough or calm seas.

Which is why, I wanted to share with you my top blog posts viewed in 2016. If you missed any of these, no worries, here they are. If you want to share with friends and family the great content here at Green & Clean Mom, simply share this post.

Best of Green and Clean Mom Content for 2016 - Healthy and Green Living Content and Recipes

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